A repetitive strain injury (RSI) can be any injury caused by exertion, sustained positions or repetitive tasks. These workplace injuries are quite common and affect the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. They can cause strains, chronic pain, weakness, tingling sensations and other symptoms. In the worst-case scenarios, they can prevent workers from performing their duties.

If you have sustained a repetitive use injury in Missouri or Kansas, you will want to consult a repetitive use injury lawyer in your community. An attorney can help you seek workers’ compensation or other benefits you may qualify for.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been diagnosed with an RSI such as carpal tunnel, it is advisable to contact a repetitive use injury lawyer at the Phalen Law Firm offices in Pittsburg, KS, Coffeyville, KS, Kansas City, KS or Joplin, MO. These workers’ compensation cases tend to be more complex, and having an attorney by your side can be an important resource as you fight for your rights to benefits.

There are a few reasons why repetitive strain injuries can be more challenging workers’ compensation claims:

  • Employers and their insurance companies may allege the injury is not work-related. It can be tough to relate an RSI specifically to a job since an employee may also use an affected limb or body part in hobbies and everyday tasks.
  • There is no specific accident or injury to observe. It can be a challenge to determine exactly when an RSI started since many will begin with mild symptoms and get progressively worse. In addition, because there is no specific incident or accident to report, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when the injury occurred. This can lead insurance companies and employers to allege the injury was not work-related.
  • RSIs may be aggravated by work. An RSI may exist from an earlier job or injury and may be aggravated by current work conditions. While technically, this should make the injury covered by workers’ compensation, it can be tough to prove a condition was worsened by current work duties.
  • Medical evidence may not be based on specific tests. Many RSIs are diagnosed based on self-reported symptoms. Chronic pain and tingling, even when they are debilitating, may not show up on medical tests, meaning employers and insurance companies may resist a diagnosis. It is important to work with a workers’ compensation attorney who can secure medical testimony and help determine exactly when and how a repetitive strain injury took place.
  • Employers and their insurance company may play down the symptoms. Patients with edema, tendinosis, cubital tunnel syndrome, intersection syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries may feel better one day and worse the next and may have few obvious symptoms. Therefore, it’s easy for insurance companies to allege symptoms are minor or even non-existent.

What Should You Do If You Have an RSI?

If you have a repetitive strain injury, contact a repetitive motion injury lawyer at Phalen Law Firm. You can get in touch with us at one of our Kansas offices in Pittsburg, Coffeyville or Kansas City as well as at our Joplin, MO location. Our attorneys can advise you about your rights and options and can represent you if your claim has been denied.