2.6 million Americans file for Social Security Disability benefits yearly according to recent reports.  Two thirds of these will be denied.  Many of these injured individuals have spent years working hard to earn a living, all the while paying into Social Security, only to be denied when they needed the benefits.  Where do you turn when the Social Security Administration turns you down? The attorneys at The Law Office of William L Phalen have spent decades working to obtain the Social Security benefits our clients rightfully deserve.  Our experienced lawyers have developed techniques to insure that each source of disability is thoroughly investigated and documented.  Our team of paralegals will accumulate, organize and deliver your necessary records to the Social Security Administration as delegated by our lawyer to facilitate a successful outcome.  We work with you to establish for the Social Security Administration that you are in fact entitled to benefits.  We also work for the review of your benefit amount to ensure you are receiving the full amount that you deserve.

A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Make a Difference

If you have suffered an injury or disability and need Social Security benefits, you should be able to get them. After all, your tax dollars are what fund these programs. Social Security options are designed specifically so they are available to you when you need them.

Unfortunately, many legitimate and deserving injured people are denied benefits each year. There are many reasons for this. The level of bureaucracy surrounding benefits distribution is considerable. In addition, the Social Security Administration has concerns about fraud and is sometimes overly enthusiastic about strict tools regarding medical evidence.

No matter why your case has been denied, a Social Security disability attorney can make a difference. Speak to a Social Security disability lawyer by contacting the Coffeyville, Kansas City, Pittsburg, KS, or Joplin, MO, offices of Phalen Law Firm. Our disability attorneys can review the denial letter and can secure medical records to ensure you file the strongest appeal possible.

If more medical evidence is necessary, our attorneys understand what kind of medical proof the Social Security Administration may need and can submit it with your appeal. Best of all, our disability attorneys can walk you through the process step-by-step, so you won’t have to worry about legal matters while you’re trying to focus on getting better.

When Should I Contact a Disability Attorney?

If your benefits have been denied or if you have received a letter suggesting you may be required to attend an independent medical evaluation, vocational interview or other event related to your benefits, it’s a good idea to contact a disability attorney to ensure your benefits are protected. You’ll also want to contact a disability attorney if your benefits are late or if they are lower than you feel you should be getting.

In some cases, you may wish to contact a disability attorney before you even apply for benefits. If your case is complex or if you have a serious disability or injury and are concerned about getting benefits that will cover your costs, the legal advice of an attorney can be invaluable. An attorney can work to ensure your benefit application is correct the first time, reducing the risk of denial.

The Law Office of William L Phalen makes every attempt to win your case without the necessity of a formal court hearing.  We work tirelessly to track down medical records that may have been misplaced or been overlooked in the initial determination.  We promptly provide them to the Social Security Administration for consideration.  If you have any questions regarding a potential Social Security Disability claim or you believe you have been unfairly denied benefits, contact us.  Let the Social Security Department of The Law Office of William L Phalen answer your questions.

It’s normal to have questions about disability benefits. If you could benefit from the expertise of an attorney who has worked on many benefits claims, contact us for a free case consultation by calling 800-235-1807 or 620-235-1806. Our attorneys work closely with clients. We find it helpful to assign a paralegal or legal assistant to every plaintiff, making it easy for you to call the same point of contact each time you have questions or would like to know the status of your claim. We speak both Spanish and English, allowing you to pursue your rightful benefits in the language of your choice.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you secure benefits.