If you’re looking for a workers’ compensation claims lawyer in Pittsburg, Coffeyville, Kansas City, KS or in Joplin, MO and surrounding areas, contact The Law Office of William L. Phalen. Our legal team has been helping resolve complex and denied claims in Missouri and Kansas for years, and we have a proven record of having helped thousands of injured workers in this area. Each workers’ comp claims lawyer in our Pittsburg, Coffeyville and Kansas City, KS offices as well as our Joplin, MO office has an in-depth understanding of workers’ comp claims.

Why Phalen Law Firm?

The Law Office of William L. Phalen handles all parts of workplace injury. Whether your injury is the result of repetitive work or a traumatic workplace accident, or any other type of injury, we have the staff and attorneys to speak to you knowledgeably about your injury and claim. We pursue claims all the way to the Supreme Court whenever necessary and have successfully negotiated cases where insurance companies have tried to deny a claim.

Phalen Law Firm understands that being injured at work is frightening, and filing a workers’ compensation claim can be upsetting. It’s why we make sure every client has a dedicated legal assistant or paralegal who is available when you call to help answer questions. When you need to talk with someone, this contact person can assist you in a personalized and professional manner, ensuring your needs are addressed.

The entire staff of our Kansas City office is bilingual.  With the help of our VOIP phone system, assistance in Spanish or English is just a push button away in all of our offices.  It is important to us that both English and Spanish speaking clients feel comfortable calling or walking in to any of our offices and that they receive assistance in their primary language.  We also help to secure interpreters for doctors’ appointments or court appearances.  If you do not speak English or Spanish, we will still work to help you through the use of an interpreter if available, contact us today – don’t let language be a barrier to your rights!

How Do I Know If I Need an Attorney About My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You should contact an attorney if:

  • Your company, employer or their insurance company didn’t correctly file your claim.
  • Your claim has been denied.
  • The insurance company is not willing to send you to a doctor or pay for medical services.
  • Your employer alleges you are not covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Your employer claims they don’t have workers’ compensation for their employees.
  • You are being asked to return to work when you feel you need more treatment or have not fully recovered.
  • Your prescriptions or treatment have been denied.
  • You are not reimbursed for mileage to see authorized doctors.
  • You’re not receiving your weekly checks in a timely manner.
  • You have received a settlement offer from the insurance company and aren’t sure whether it is a fair amount.

Our attorneys will secure a doctor’s ratings as well as vocational expert testimony when necessary. We will review your claim and secure your medical records as well as documents to prove your workplace injury and the extent of your condition.

If you have been injured at work but don’t feel you are getting the compensation you need, or if your claim has been denied, there are options available. To discuss your options, contact The Law Office of William L. Phalen for a free consultation at one of our offices. We will be pleased to speak with you and help you understand your options.