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Has Your Missouri Workers Compensation Been Claim Denied?

If you’re in Missouri and your work injury claim has been denied, you will want to contact a workers’ comp denial lawyer in Joplin, MO or your community. An attorney can do many things, such as reviewing your case to clearly articulate why you qualify for compensation.

There are many options available for you to appeal the decision if you have been denied:

  • You can request mediation by contacting the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Division’s Dispute Management Unit or arranging an administrative law judge (ALJ) for mediation. Your employer and their insurer would have to agree to the mediation process, as it is not mandatory.
  • If mediation has not resulted in a resolution or if not all parties agree to mediation, you can file a Claim for Compensation to start the appeal process.
  • Once an administrative law judge has reached a decision, both parties have 20 days from the issuance of the notice to appeal. You can do this by filing with the Commission. During this process, a panel will examine the trial proceedings, and legal briefs may be submitted as well.
  • If you or your employer want to appeal further, the next step is the Missouri Court of Appeals. This is an option only if your case involves a law that was incorrectly applied.
  • A final step in the appeals process is the Missouri Supreme Court. Few workers’ comp cases reach this stage, and the court may decide not to hear a workers’ comp case.

Have You Been Denied a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Kansas?

If you been have denied a workers’ compensation claim in Kansas, you will want to contact an attorney who can represent you adequately during every stage of the appeals process. The appeal process involves a preliminary hearing. This will involve sending a Notice of Intent to your employer or their insurance carrier. You have one week after this stage to reach an agreement. If you and your employer do not agree, you can file an Application for Preliminary Hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Division.

If you want to appeal the results of the preliminary hearing, request a full hearing by filing an Application for Hearing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. After this stage, you can appeal within 10 days if you don’t agree with that decision by asking the Workers’ Compensation Board to review the decision. A final stage of appeals involves appearing before the Court of Appeals.

Would You Like to Speak to a Workers’ Comp Denial Attorney?

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