In January 2023, a court order from Administrative Law Judge Steven Roth awarded an injured Kansas worker permanent partial work disability compensation. The Kansas worker sustained injuries to her neck and left shoulder in an accident agreed to have occurred in the course and scope of their employment.

A hearing was held to resolve three remaining questions:

  •  What is the nature and extent of the Claimant’s functional disability?
  • Does the Claimant have a work disability, and if so, what is the nature and extent of that disability?
  • Is the Claimant entitled to unauthorized and future medical care

The worker’s functional disability was found to be 13.33% to the body as a whole, and that she had a 33.4% work disability. She was also found to be entitled to the above-mentioned medical care.

As a result, the worker was awarded 138.6 weeks of permanent partial work disability in the amount of $529.99 per week, for a total lump-sum payment of $73.456.61. The fees for administration of the Workers’ Compensation Act, as well as costs of transcripts and court reporting services, were also assessed against the worker’s employer.