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Workers' Compensation

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How much compensation do you deserve for your workplace injury?

Without a thorough understanding of workers’ compensation laws in Iola, KS, it’s hard to know what is or isn’t a suitable settlement. This makes it easy for your employer or their insurance company to offer less than you’re entitled to. And if your claim is denied, it can be tough to defend yourself without the right knowledge.

But when you work with a lawyer for workers’ compensation from Phalen Law, you can relax knowing that your case has outstanding legal support. Rather than worry about medical bills or lost wages, you can recover in peace while we fight your case. With our clear, confident, and compassionate service, Phalen Law gives you the highest chance of making a successful claim. 

Reliable Iola Legal Services

At Phalen Law, we have over 50 years of experience in winning workers’ compensation claims like yours. Every workers’ comp attorney on our team is fully prepared to argue your case in court, and we never stop pushing until justice has been served. That’s why claimants throughout Iola, KS, rely on Phalen Law to protect their interests in their time of need.

It’s not uncommon for your employer or their insurance company to try to pay less than you deserve. But with our comprehensive knowledge of workers’ comp laws and the Kansas court system, Phalen Law has your back. And when necessary, we’ve even fought cases up to the Kansas Supreme Court to ensure fair and just compensation for our clients.

In addition to workers’ compensation…

We also specialize in automobile accident claims and personal injury law. So when clients come to us with a workers’ compensation claim, we often notice other relevant benefits and payments that niche firms can miss. This additional expertise helps ensure you receive a complete payout for your injuries as quickly as possible.

21:34 06 Aug 23
It has been a long road of recovery, very thankful for all they have done on my behalf, Bill and Melissa thank you for having my back and helping me get through everthing i have gone through in the last few years.
TikTok BattleTikTok Battle
13:21 28 Mar 23
Very nice employees. William is an awesome attorney if it had an option for 10 stars I would give him 10. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a great attorney
Dorothy RuebelDorothy Ruebel
05:32 25 May 21
I highly recommend Mr Phalen. He and his staff did a great job! I could not have won my case without them.
Luke EmmotLuke Emmot
14:42 18 Dec 20
I was hurt at work and Mr Phalen took my case on and worked on it for over a year and was able to successfully get me a settlement check for my injuries. Hire him if you’re ever injured on the job!
Kelli StringfieldKelli Stringfield
21:06 01 Jul 19
If you need an excellent attorney around the Pittsburg area Bill Phalen is the guy to go to. Very knowledgeable and pleasant and the office staff is great. I wouldn't go to anyone else!
Levi DeWittLevi DeWitt
16:14 01 Apr 19
I've worked here as a student intern since August, 2018 and I must say that this has been the most enjoyable job I've had to date. Mr. Phalen and the gals working here are a pleasure to be around and work with. They are patient with me every time I'm slow to get the hang of a new task, they are relaxed and easy going but know how to get the job done well. They each put extra effort into all of the work they do for each and every client. Several times they have come in early or stayed at the office late to make sure that they got every done that they needed to prepare someone's case.The people in this office have been a part of this community for a lifetime and working with them has helped me feel as if I was a part of this great community as well.
Thomas HelmThomas Helm
16:52 27 Mar 19
Very Proud to call him my Attorney, very friendly staff, that always keeps me updated on my case and one phone call away to answer any questions. I have been using him for many, many years. I can't Thank him enough for what he has done and still doing for me and my family. But Thank you. Would highly recommend William Phalen.

Your Iola, KS Workers’ Comp Attorneys

When you get in touch with Phalen Law, we assign a talented and reliable workers’ comp lawyer to manage your case. With their guidance, advice, and legal representation, you can expect a successful claim that delivers the full payment you deserve.

Call us today or fill out our Free Case Evaluation form to tell us about your case.

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