In December 2022, a court order from Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Steven Roth awarded an injured Kansas worker compensation for outstanding medical treatments. The Kansas worker sustained injuries to her right shoulder, lower back and tailbone, and neck, with episodes of lost consciousness and headaches following a slip and fall in January 2018.

A hearing was held to resolve two challenges presented by the Respondent and their Insurance Carrier:

  • Was the Claimant’s work accident the prevailing factor causing her injury and medical condition?
  • Did the ALJ exceed his jurisdiction by ordering payment of certain medical treatments as authorized medical?

Upon reviewing the evidence, it was determined that the Claimant’s workplace slip and fall injury was the cause of her medical condition and need for treatment. Similarly, the Respondent’s request for a review of the ALJ’s order requiring payment for medical bills was dismissed.

Therefore, the Respondent and their Insurance Carrier were ordered to pay for the Claimant’s authorized medical treatment, unauthorized medical treatment, and medical mileage.