If you suffer an on-the-job injury, your employer is responsible for your medical care.  For many injuries this may involve no more than a few doctors appointments or a prescription.  However, for many receiving workers compensation, an injury doesn’t resolve quickly.  Your injury may require on-going or “future” medical care.

Recently, William Phalen fought specifically for a Kansas claimant’s right to future medical care when the insurance company and their doctors tried to deny any possibility that the worker may need treatment again in the future.  William Phalen put on expert testimony describing the possibility that the Claimant may need more treatment in the future.  In an award handed down last month, the Administrative Law Judge awarded future medical care and the Claimant’s rights to unauthorized medical.  Be aware that your injuries may need additional care in the future.  Don’t give up your right to treatment without talking to a workers compensation attorney first!