William L. Phalen appeared before the Kansas Court of Appeals in Kansas City yesterday on behalf of an injured Kansas worker.  Mr. Phalen presented Oral Arguments in the workers compensation appeal.  Additionally, tomorrow he will appear before the Kansas Workers Compensation Appeals Board in Topeka to present Oral Arguments on behalf of another injured Kansas worker.  Phalen Law Firm takes the fight for workers’ justice  seriously and this law firm is willing to pursue your on-the-job injury claim throughout any necessary appeals.

Also this week several workers compensation cases were at docket for Regular Hearings or Preliminary Hearings covering a wide range of issues such as reimbursement of mileage for medical trips, treatment recommendations and payment of prescriptions and medical bills.  There are varying needs in workers compensation cases… from getting paid gas money for that trip across town to the doctor, to having a necessary surgery authorized, to appealing an unfavorable award.  The Law Office of William L. Phalen is fighting for all those issues and more every day.  Workers’ rights are what we’re working to protect.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you!